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About us

Company History:

Treehugger World was founded last 2010 by two Earth-loving parents, committed to delivering quality office supplies that will also help the environment. 

Creating a better foundation for the youth by teaching them the importance of caring for the environment, TreeHugger extends its product line by providing awareness with young children through the ONE BAG ONE TREE project. A BAG of eco-friendly and recyclable school supplies for toddlers, the set aims not only to give toddlers an eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative for school supplies but also aims to help them become more aware and informed about how to protect the nature. A unique inclusion in the set is the grow seeds which have characteristics we want our children to imbibe. When you plant the seed, the word etched on the seed is seen on the plant. A perfect activity with our children by teaching them the qualities we hope they have while taking care of Mother Earth.

Mission: To reduce, reuse and recycle materials while reforesting and saving Mother Earth.

Vision: To integrate environmental solutions into everyday life through eco- friendly products.

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